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Article Yoga & Pilates Spa Holiday Sweden 2009

Relax with Yoga & Pilates

at Luxury Spa

in the Land of the Midnight Sun

by Rose-Marie Sorokin


Sun Salutations have a whole different meaning at the Midsummer Yoga & Pilates Retreat in Sweden. Held at the time of the Summer Solstice in a country where the sun never sets, this time of year is a magical event.


‘Most people think Sweden is all about snow and subzero temperatures’, says Rose-Marie Sorokin, Swedish born Yoga and Pilates teacher and co-founder of Inner Light Yoga & Health Co – a company based in Aylesford, Kent. ‘But they couldn’t be more wrong! We have wonderful, warm bright summers when it hardly goes dark at all. The evenings are long, light and warm and everyone enjoys this lovely time of year.’


Rose-Marie is running a yearly Midsummer Yoga & Pilates Retreat at a Luxurious Spa in Varberg, a small town on the West Coast of Sweden. Varberg has a 200 year history as a Spa Resort and currently has 5 different Spa Facilities, including an open-air swimming-bath. The idea to take cold sea baths came from England in the 1820’s and became very fashionable. It is said that the water in Varberg has healing properties. Many celebrities and members of high society came to Varberg to ease their pains and diseases in mud and seaweed baths.


Over the years the Spa experience has changed and developed into top class beautifully designed Spa Hotels with an incredible range of treatments and facilities, from the traditional seaweed baths to Chinese detox treatments, Indian massage, Anti-Ageing treatments and other luxury delights.


This together with Rose-Marie’s 25 years of experience as a Yoga & Pilates Teacher makes it a very special Retreat with daily Yoga and Pilates classes in a beautiful purpose built yoga studio with dimmed lights, wood and stone. Rose-Marie puts special emphasis on creating a supportive and friendly atmosphere so that everyone feels comfortable in the classes and can work at their own pace. The Yoga classes are a creative blend of flowing and static yoga postures and simple breathing exercises. The Pilates classes are Rose-Marie’s own style of Pilates called Evolution Pilates which she has developed over the last 15 years. They have a special emphasis on easing back problems and muscular tension as Rose-Marie is a specialist in back problems.


The cost of the Midsummer Retreat is £455. The price includes en suite accommodation in twin rooms, large buffet spa breakfast, herbal teas and fruit throughout the day, limitless use of the Spa facilities, one Yoga and one Pilates class per day, three sessions of Deep Relaxation, bathrobe and slippers to take home.


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