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Sweden and Varberg Spa Town - some info and pictures

Varberg, situated south of Gothenburg on the West Coast of Sweden has been Sweden’s premier Spa Town for 200 years with several spas, an old fashioned ‘bath house’ and a harbour. The unique light here, where sea and sky meet, has always been an inspiration for both artists and photographers and there are many art galleries and beautiful craft (silver, glass, ceramics etc.).  Varberg has long sandy beaches, a fortress, many historic buildings, several museums, great shopping (shops open to 22.00 on Thursdays), a Wednesday market in the main square (craft, clothes, fruit, flowers, cheese etc.), 50 restaurants and 20 cafes. In the summer there is plenty of music entertainment.  Surrounding Varberg are 11 nature reserves with forests and lakes.


The retreat will take place just after Mid Summer, which is one of the most important times in the Swedish calendar, celebrating the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year. This is a magical time in Sweden, when it doesn’t really get completely dark at all. The sun sets at around 11pm and rises at around 3am. The evenings are long and beautiful!


The building Hamnmagasinet was built in 1874.This old warehouse has been preserved and forms an important part of the harbour area today. The building contributes to an exciting and vivid cultural environment close to the city centre alongside the Fortress of Varberg, Kallbadhuset (an open air swimming bath) and Socitetsparken (a picturesque walking area). Nowadays the warehouse has been transformed into a creative centre for arts, handicrafts and contemporary exhibitions. A ceramic workshop, a glassworks furnace room, a silver smith, a graphic workshop and an art gallery are all held inside this four-floor building. Many of the activities are open to the public all year around.


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About Sweden


Gorgeous lakes, long sandy beaches, deep forests, clean air…..


If you feel that you need space, then Sweden is for you. With a population of only 9 million and a land area of 174,000 square miles there is plenty of space for everyone! This is a place where you can really relax, breath deeply and connect with nature. On top of that the food is fantastic, the people friendly and the streets are clean.


Sweden is famous for its art, craft and design, from Gustavian hand made furniture to Ikea's flat pack! Much inspiration is taken from nature as most Swedes are nature lovers. Swedish design is sleek, simple and elegant and you will find very good quality interior design items, textiles, jewellery etc. in the shops.


The nature is wonderful with vast areas of wilderness, thousands of lakes, long coastlines and deep forrests.



Facts about Sweden


Third largest country in Western Europe

Forests: 53%

Mountains: 11%

Cultivated land: 8%

Lakes and rivers: 9%

Longest north-south distance: 978 mi (1,574 km)

Longest east-west distance: 310 mi (499 km)

Capital: Stockholm

Population: 9.3 million inhabitants

Languages: Swedish; recognized minority languages: Sami (Lapp), Finnish, Meänkieli (Tornedalen Finnish). English spoken almost everywhere.

Form of government: Constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy

Parliament: The Riksdag, with 349 members in one chamber

Most important export goods: Electronic and telecom equipment, machinery, passenger cars,  paper, pharmaceuticals, iron and steel

Most important imported goods: Electronic and telecom equipment, machinery, foodstuffs, crude oil, textile products, footwear and passenger cars