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Yoga, Pilates & Meditation - with Rose-Marie Sorokin, B.A. Dip BWY


Flowing Hatha Yoga


Yoga is my big passion and the style I am teaching is a flowing style with sequences of postures (vinyasa) to create energy, heath, fluidity and rhythmic, deep breathing. This is mixed with some standing static postures for alignment and strength and some seated postures for deep stretch, flexibility, awareness and focus. Often there will be elements of Yin Yoga (staying in relaxing postures for some time - an emphasis on stillness). We will also do specific breathing exercises (pranayama) and some aspect of yoga philosophy (for example mental focus, positive affirmations, inspirational texts), will be included, usually as a short talk at the beginning of the class.


Yoga is deeply relaxing


Many people come to yoga because they suffer from stress and tension so I increasingly work on helping my students release tension in the body and stress in the mind.  We will therefore spend some time at the beginning of the class relaxing the body, focusing the mind and perform some simple breathing. This is then followed by some gentle limbering to prepare for the yoga postures and the flowing sequences. I believe strongly in a gradual and sensitive approach to all postures, as everyone is different and each person needs to work within his or her own capacity.


The breath is an important component of every posture to further release tension, provide energy and take us deeper into a posture. The class can then become more like a ‘moving meditation’ where we are fully present in our body and breath and can start to let go of everything else. Each class ends with a deep relaxation.














Evolution Pilates


Let me tell you a little about my unique style of Pilates. Many years ago I started out teaching the more ‘standard’ style of Pilates based on Joseph Pilates work.  His work consists of 36 basic mat exercises for complete balance of body and mind. Joseph Pilates was a unique man with an extensive background in various physical disciplines and over time he developed his own system helping many people become stronger, fitter and feel better about themselves.


However, as with anything, it is important to evolve, so I started to experiment with new variations of the basic exercises. The main reason I did this was that I discovered that many people had difficulties with the standard mat exercises. They were simply too difficult. I also quickly discovered that muscular tension in the neck, shoulders, back and hips was a major problem. Most people brought all the tension with them into each exercise and were unable to get the most out of the program for this reason.  


So I realised that I had to modify my Pilates program to make it more accessable and suitable for today's class participants (the original Pilates system was mainly practiced by dancers) and that is how I developed Evolution Pilates. The emphasis in Evolution Pilates is, apart from strenghtening the back and abdominals (core stability), on release tension in back, neck and shoulders. I have designed many very efficient and unique exercises to deal with this problem. Because of the success I have had with this I now get a huge number of referrals from GP's, osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists.


















Asia Spa, Varberg

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Morning Yoga on the Water

Gullmarsstrand Beach Hotel

July 2011

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The Spa Town of Varberg

Old Bath House

June 2011

Some positive aspects of Yoga:


Union of Body, Mind & Spirit

Deeply Relaxing - physically and mentally

A body that with time becomes Stronger and more Fluid and Flexible

A deeper connection with Life and the Universe

Improved, deeper breathing which effects both Body and Mind

Stronger, more flexible and pain free back

Balance - Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

More Centred and Calm in Yourself. A sense of Joy.

Better Body Awareness.

Some positive aspects of Evolution Pilates:


A unique, sensitive approach to Pilates and to your body.

Emphasis on releasing muscular tension, to get the most out of every exercise.

Improved core stability, i.e. stronger abdominals and back.

Freedom of movement/enhanced functional fitness.

Great for preventing injury or further back/neck/shoulder/hip problems.

Very relaxing.

Improved posture, breathing and balance.

Improved strenght, flexibility and co-ordination.

Better body awareness.

A strong sense of well-being.